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  We need an additional 28 women elected to the CA legislature to hit parity.

Silissa Uriarte Smith

Board Member, close the gap CA

As an almost 20-year professional in the progressive political, non-profit and
government sectors. Silissa is an instinctive advocate with an inclusive nature and
strong communication and strategic skill sets and her career has been filled with diverse
work and experiences as an executive, senior level staffer and community based
leader. Working with community members, elected officials, businesses and community
based organizations has given her multiple viewpoints and a wide range of

She created 360 Collaborative Solutions in 2013 so that she could work with
progressive clients who want to change their communities in meaningful, positive and
long lasting ways. Fast forward to 2016 and Silissa is back doing this much needed
work. From non-profit to political clients, 360 Collaborative Solutions is privileged to be
a strong and vital part of the community.

Silissa’s professional successes are the result of mentorship, hard work and an
exceptional education: a B.A. in Political Science from Stephens College in Columbia,
Missouri and M.A. in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University’s Brandman
School. Her executive leadership training and professional development include:
MANA A National Latina Organization Avanzamos Fellowship Program and HOPE’s
(Hispanas Organized for Political Equality) Leadership Institute among other programs.

She received the PLEN Leadership Award in 2015, the Stephens College Black
Alumnae Association Award in 2008 the Californians for Justice, Racial Justice Hero
Award in 2007, the MANA de Orange County Crystal Award for Advocacy in 2005, the
Long Beach Young Democrats Leadership Award in 2008, and the California
Democratic Party JFK Junior Community Service Award in 2003.

She currently serves on the Stephens College Board of Trustees is also a former
member of the Stephens College Alumnae Association Board. Silissa has been active
with HOPE (Hispana Organized for Political Equality), MANA de Orange County and the
California Democratic Party.

While at Stephens, Silissa was a member of Mortar Board and the College Democrats,
as well as a Stephens Life staff member. She was named Social Sciences Student of
the year for her graduating year.

In her spare time, Silissa enjoys snapping pictures of butterflies, hiking, yoga and

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