Candidate Filing June 7, 2016

Signatures-In-Lieu of Filing Fee Period

Jan 1 – Feb 25, 2016

Declaration of Candidacy Period – this is it!

Feb 15 – Mar 11, 2016

Nomination Paper Period

Feb 15 – Mar 11, 2016

Candidate Statement Period for County Sample Ballots

(County, Senate, and Assembly)

Feb 15 – Mar 11,2016

Declaration of Candidacy Extension Period

(If Incumbent Does Not File)

Mar 12 – Mar 16

Randomized Alphabet Drawing to be listed in Ballot

Mar 17

Notice to Candidates for Voter-Nominated Offices

Mar 26

Certified List of Candidates

Mar 31

CDP Endorsement Deadlines

A full calendar and explanatory information can be found at the California Secretary of State website.

For more information on the CA Democratic Party (2014) endorsements, see the CDP guide.

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