Fun Facts About Our Tour Speakers

Join us March 8-11 and you’ll get to meet these inspiring leaders. Learn how to “Stop the Slide” in the number of women serving in Sacramento. RSVP now:

rebecca sive

Rebecca Sive, Author

  • Will be at all 4 “Stop the Slide” tour events
  • Wrote “Every Day is Election Day: A Woman’s Guide to Winning Any Office, from the PTA to the White House”
  • Like President Obama, she’s been an organizer in Chicago
  • Based in Chicago


Los Angeles



Senator Holly Mitchell, Los Angeles

  • Former nonprofit leader
  • Elected to Assembly in 2010
  • Won an easy election to the CA Senate last year
  • The Legislature’s “go to” policymaker on protecting the safety net and finding paths out of poverty
  • At her September 2013 swearing in, she noted, “I will be the first black woman (to serve in the Senate) in over 10 years and I am going to wear that badge with honor”



Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, Santa Barbara

  • Educator & small business owner
  • Elected to Assembly in 1998, served until 2004, elected to State Senate in 2012
  • Lost a race for Senate seat before she won it
  • Championed paid-family leave→
  • Wrote the USA’s first-ever state measure to encourage gender-representation on corporate boards of publicly held companies. Thanks to her, CA now encourages, “equitable and diverse gender representation on corporate boards”



Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva, Fullerton

  • Elected to Assembly in 2012, beating an incumbent Republican man
  • Former mayor of Fullerton, population 135,000
  • A former classroom teacher, she says she’s a proud product of public education (Fullerton College, UCLA, Cal State Fullerton)



Moderator Karriann Farrell Hinds

  • Lawyer and activist  
  • Officer in LA Women’s Political Committee
  • Spends spare time with ACLU-SC affiliate (rooting out injustice across the land) and the NWPC LA Westside chapter (pursuing gender equality in politics)
  • Family ties: her uncle served on the LA City council


San Diego


Christine Kehoestripe

Senator Christine Kehoe (retired), San Diego

  • San Diego’s first openly gay elected official
  • Elected to Assembly in 1993, served until to 2004
  • Served in State Senate from 2004 to 2012
  • Chaired Senate Appropriations Committee


Nora Vargasstripe

Nora Vargas

  • VP, Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest
  • Governing Board Member at Southwestern Community College District
  • Board Member of close the gap CA


Barbara Brystripe

Moderator Barbara Bry

  • Founded Run Women Run
  • An early social media adapter for organizing political women
  • Self-described “serial entrepreneur”
  • Just named Woman of the Year by Senator and Speaker-to-be Toni Atkins for her district


San Francisco



Carmen Chu, Assessor-Recorder for the city and county of San Francisco

  • Former Supervisor known for her financial acumen
  • Mentor with clout: Her Board staffer succeeded her into office
  • Was a budget analyst appointed to the Board of Supervisors



Sophie Maxwell, Former Supervisor, San Francisco

  • Longtime environmental justice activist
  • From a prominent SF political family
  • Continues to advocate for environmental justice, clean energy and children’s health and educational programs



Moderator Pat Gillette

  • VP Kensington Police Protection & Community Services District
  • Lawyer
  • Co-chair, Bar Association of San Francisco’s No Glass Ceiling Initiative


Palo Alto



Susan Hammer, Former Mayor, San Jose

  • Served CA’s 3rd largest city from 1991 to 1999
  • Ushered the first wave of tech companies into San Jose
  • Devoted to Stanford women’s basketball


mary hughes

Mary Hughes, founder, close the gap CA

  • Longtime Democratic strategist
  • Sees open seats as one of the best opportunities to elect women
  • Once served as advisor to a British playwright writing on American politics



Moderator Lisa Van Dusen

  • Member, Woman’s Club of Palo Alto
  • Social entrepreneur
  • Former journalist and expert on all things Palo Alto