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Did You Know?

  Fewer women serve in CA's state legislature today than a decade ago.

What We Do/FAQ

What is close the gap CA?
close the gap CA is a campaign to increase the number of progressive women serving in the California Legislature by recruiting viable, progressive women to run for open seats in targeted, winnable districts. The campaign recruits accomplished women who are pro-choice, pro-public school funding and support paths out of poverty. By partnering with CA progressive organizations, close the gap CA aims to achieve gender parity in the CA legislature in 2028.
Why do we need close the gap CA?
Research confirms that the presence of more women in a governing body leads to more comprehensive policies, greater transparency and a focus on getting things done. Many talented women will not self-nominate for public office and need to be recruited. California needs the policy know-how, experience and leadership skills of progressive women to,

    1. Close the funding and achievement gaps in education.
    2. Close the access gap to contraception and affordable health care.
    3. Close the wage gap and obstacles that contribute to poverty of women & children.

Get the facts!
Why is it important to have women in office?
We all lose out when half of the talent remains on the sidelines. California needs the policy know-how and the leadership skills that women offer. With more progressive women in the Legislature we can close the funding and achievement gaps in education; close the access gap to contraception and affordable health care; and close the wage gap and reduce obstacles that contribute to the poverty of women and children.

What’s the best way to explain that to family, friends and voters? Find out in our “Why Women?” webinar.

How diverse is the California’s Legislature?
Far less diverse than California’s population and headed in the wrong direction.



0 African American women in Senate 1 African American woman in Senate
1 African American woman in Assembly 2 African American women in Assembly
6 Latinas in Senate 0 Latinas in Senate
6 Latinas in Assembly 10 Latinas in Assembly
0 Asian-Pacific Islander in Senate 1 Asian-Pacific Islander in Senate
3 Asian-Pacific Islander in Assembly 0 Asian-Pacific Islander in Assembly
How does close the gap CA work?
Recruiters research districts and study the vote history, demographics, current issues, and touch base with progressive groups active in the area that know who the accomplished women leaders are. CTGCA organizes “search parties” to review prospective candidates with local organizations and to elicit more names of women who are interested and qualified. Then recruiters prioritize the list, vet the names with more local leaders and approach the top women, and ask them to consider running.
Why don't more women run?
Research confirms that unlike men, women often wait to be asked to run rather than self-nominate. Women win elections as often as men but they are less likely to run unless recruited. close the gap CA is focused on closing the gap in the number of progressive women serving in the CA Legislature by recruiting talented, progressive women to run for the open seats.
What does success look like?
With the assistance of local progressive coalitions committed to identifying, recruiting and electing a talented progressive woman in each of the winnable open seats in 2018, women will be 25% of the Legislature after the 2018 election.
How do I get involved?
We need office volunteers, researchers, phoners and help with fundraisers.
Follow us:  @closethegapCA
Call: (650) 326-2216 Voice Mailbox #3
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