What We Do

We recruit viable candidates for winnable districts.

1. Strategic Targeting
We start with a detailed analysis of the legislative districts to determine current or possible open seats. Close the gap CA develops profiles containing demographic information, voting data, and legislative priorities.

2. Identifying Prospects
Close the gap CA organizes “Search Parties” to hear from local allies which women in the district pass our progressive screen, possess the skills to be viable candidates, and have a base of support. Close the gap CA prioritizes the list and vets the names with local leaders before approaching the top women.

3. Ask! Ask! Ask!
Many talented women will not step forward for public office without being recruited. So when we meet a smart, effective woman who wishes things were different, we Ask Her to run.

4. Exploring and Deciding
Close the gap CA works closely with prospective candidates, guiding them through the decision process. A structured, thorough, and far-reaching exploration of her district, the requirements of a successful campaign, and the legislative job – leads to a well informed decision. Should they decide to run, the prospect is armed with a winning strategy and a sound foundation.