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Did You Know?

  We need an additional 28 women elected to the CA legislature to hit parity.

2022 Open Seats

This page will be updated as information about 2022 becomes available.

Please check back often!

Check out districts with a Check Mark to see where progressive women have already filed to run in 2022!

Targeted Districts are in bold


Open Senate Seats
District Geography Current Official
SD 6 Sacramento Richard Pan
SD 10 Fremont Bob Wiekowski
SD 14 Bakersfield, Fresno Anthony Vidak
SD 18 Burbank, San Fernando Bob Hertzberg
SD 23 San Bernardino Mike Morell
SD 30 Downtown LA – Culver City Holly J. Mitchell
SD 32 Orange County Tony Mendoza
SD 36 Southern Coast, Orange County Patricia Bates
SD 40 Imperial County Ben Hueso


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