Where They Came From

By Kristen Powers

where do they come from

Since 1960, 92 women have served in the California legislature. These women come from a variety of backgrounds and not just political ones. Check out where women have thrived before arriving in Sacramento, including the 32 women serving this term.

We’ve all got something to learn from our female legislators. Some of them even made a career out of it! The legislature has seen 9 educators and 18 school board members under its roof.

17 women legislators got their start as advocates, board members, directors and founders of non-profits.

Negotiating and money management are great skills to have as a legislator. 11 of the female legislators have held managerial positions or higher in businesses. Five served as lawyers and some even owned their own practice.

Want someone as tough as nails? of our former legislators have military experience.

For some, the decision to move up the political ladder was a natural one. 30 women have served on a city council before running for the legislature. 7 women worked on a Board of Supervisors. And if we want to talk about who run the world (a.k.a our towns in California), 9 female legislators were mayors.

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